Vishal Bhatia, London Fields
Vishal Bhatia
Founder and General Partner
London Fields

Vishal Bhatia is the Founder and General Partner at London Fields Venture Capital, where he leads efforts to support and invest in founders from less privileged backgrounds, with a focus on enhancing social mobility. Before founding London Fields, Vishal spent several years advising startups and entrepreneurs, leveraging his extensive experience to foster innovation and growth. At London Fields, he oversees the investment strategy and works closely with founders, providing the guidance and resources necessary to scale and succeed.

Vishal infuses a culture of venture capital and entrepreneurship at LFVC, aiming to deliver grassroots-level support, guidance, and mentorship to those who don't come from privilege. He is passionate about creating opportunities for underrepresented founders and is a prominent advocate for diversity and inclusion in the venture capital industry.