Celebrating innovation and excellence in growing B2B businesses. This award recognises exceptional market leading, high growth, and innovative B2B businesses that have significant potential to continue to scale.

The judges are looking for:

  • Financial track record - strong and consistent top line growth and profitability
  • Customer base - growth in the number of unique customers and/or revenue per customer, strong customer retention rates, long term contracts, growing market share and high customer satisfaction (NPS scores)
  • Innovation - with reference to the market in which you operate, what is it that you are doing differently - in relation to your product offering, service and/or delivery model - that gives you a competitive edge (e.g. use of proprietary technology)?
  • Capacity for further growth – How scalable is your business? What are the means by which you are planning to drive future growth? (e.g. international expansion, new products/service lines, new end markets, increased market penetration)
  • Sustainability and the importance of CSR within your business
  • People management - evidence of a high-performance culture, employee engagement, strong employee retention.

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