Celebrating UK companies succeeding in the international marketplace, the Export Champion of the Year Award honours UK companies expanding or launching operations overseas. In particular, this award recognises firms whose recent international achievements inspire other UK companies to trade internationally.

Open to all UK based companies demonstrating successful expansion or launching of operations overseas.

The judges are looking for:

  • Understanding of target market/s for recent overseas launch/expansion and reasons for selecting them.
  • Highlight any third-party research, advice and assistance used to support the expansion plans.
  • Recent specific international initiative undertaken and strategy behind it
  • Major inhibitors facing the company in international launch/expansion, and how they were overcome.
  • Evidence of innovation in export strategy
  • Use of technology
  • Implementation of successful international staffing strategy
  • Working with national and international partners to facilitate expansion
  • Evidence of positive sales, market share performance and customer feedback
  • Demonstrable positive impact of recent increase in international revenue on the company‚Äôs overall performance

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