2021 Winners

Customer Experience and Loyalty

Everflow Group

"Everflow's clear vision and ambition to develop their product and service and challenge the status quo impressed the judges."

Micro Business of the Year

S-Cube (Sub Salt Solutions)

The business is highly scalable and expandable to new areas and has a clear mission and ambition, the judges said.

Employer of the Year

JCW Group

"JCW are innovators in the recruitment space and provide excellent onboarding and training for graduates as well as a fully embedded culture, said the judges"

Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year

PJ Care

PJ Care have successfully created an environment where their staff have the ability to thrive, said the judges. They represent how companies should be.

Best New Product of the Year

Everflow Group

"Everflow has transformed itself from a traditional water retailer to a water tech company and is providing instant savings for its customers, said the judges"

Family-Owned Business of the Year

Mash Direct

"Mash Direct showed that there is a strong sense of purpose and values at the head of this business, which is led by vision, mission and ambition, said the judges."

Young Company of the Year


"The judges were impressed by the fact that Interlink had spotted a gap in the market and taken a leap of faith to back their proposition."

Export Champion of the Year

Templeton and Partners

"The judges were impressed how Templeton & Partners achieved globalisation using a British model to provide solutions for big companies."

Online Business of the Year


Biscuiteers showed an impressive track record of growth with a multi-channel sales method that is attractive and scalable, said the judges.

Santander Technology Business of the Year

technologi Worldwide

Technologi Worldwide has had a significant impact on the payments industry and taken on the challenges of legacy infrastructure in large banking groups, the judges said.

Consumer Business of the Year

Jaques of London

"Without compromising 200 years of history, the business has undergone a radical transformation leading to enormous recent growth."

B2B Business of the Year

Gavin Griffiths Recycling

"The business has taken an innovative approach to waste management, recycling and aiming for zero landfill, the judges said. It has fantastic community engagement."

Business Advisor of the Year

Dent Global

Dent has created a real ecosystem run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and this came across both in the written submission and in person, the judges said.

Bridges Positive Impact

Inovus Medical

"The judges were really impressed with the positive impact that this business has on patients, surgeons and healthcare providers. They were also impressed by the entrepreneurialism and the commitment to finding and developing talent."

Growing Business of the Year: Smaller Company (Turnover up to £10m)


"The judges described Sopro as a people focussed entrepreneurial B2B marketing business which has grown successfully through investing their profits."

Santander Growing Business of the Year: Smaller Company (Turnover £10m-£25m)

Source Group International

Source Group has an impressive international reach and a very strong cultural DNA running through the business, the judges said

Growing Business of the Year: Mid-sized Company (Turnover £25m-£45m)

Kubrick Group

"Kubrick demonstrated exceptionally strong understanding of their market, said the judges, as well as an exceptional strategic vision for future growth."

Growing Business of the Year: Mid-sized Company (Turnover £45m-£60m

Everflow Group

The judges liked the way that Everflow has been disruptive in their market and were impressed by the company's huge growth.

Growing Business of the Year: Larger Company (Turnover £60m+)


"The judges were really impressed by the CEO's passion, energy and commitment and by the fact that the business has shown real innovation in its sector."

Innovator of the Year


The judges were impressed by the fact that disguise operate at the cutting edge of their industry and have innovation to transition their business during the pandemic.

Market Disruptor of the Year

Kubrick Group

Kubrick has disrupted their market by transferring the availability of people with the right digital skills, the judges said. They liked the way that the business has created career opportunities for people who might otherwise have struggled.

Triumph over Adversity

Broadsword Event House

"The judges were impressed by the clear and disciplined leadership and by the company's 'out of the box' thinking which has enabled it to modernise"

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Elliott Herrod-Taylor - The Bunch

Elliot has identified a gap in the market and grown the business rapidly whilst being passionate about what he is trying to do, said the judges.

Entrepreneur of the Year

James Whiteley - White Stores

"The judges liked the way that James had used a vertical integrated growth strategy to develop White Stores, and described him as a visionary."

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